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Living Roots Health & Wellness

Living Roots Health & Wellness

6185 Dye Road
Akron, NY 14001
phone: 716-308-9986
Contact Name: Andrea Whitmarsh

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You have one life; we want you to live it feeling the best you can!  70% of deaths in America are caused by lifestyle.  Poor diets, too much stress, lack of sleep, over-use of medications, and exposure to chemicals are major contributors to this. At Living Roots Health and Wellness, we focus on the four foundations of health: nutrition, sleep, physical activity and emotional well-being.  We offer a wide variety of programs, classes and seminars as well as individual and group counseling to help you reduce/eliminate existing disease burden and improve your overall health.  We also offer a meal delivery/pick-up service and catering and work with local farms and co-ops to provide clean, fresh nutritious meals at affordable prices.  We believe good health should be a right not a privilege, so we work with your lifestyle and your budget to help you achieve this.  To learn more about our services visit our website www.livingrootshealth.com or call us today 716-308-9986.