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Buffalo Wholesome Medicine

Buffalo Wholesome Medicine

8201 Main Street, Suite 8
Williamsville, NY 14221

Contact Name: Michael Jaje

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Buffalo Wholesome Medicine is a direct primary care (DPC) clinic serving the Buffalo and Western New York area. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive quality care from physicians who are able to spend time with their patients.

Unlike traditional primary care practices, Buffalo Wholesome Medicine is a DPC facility, and our unique business model makes quality primary care affordable to people whether they have insurance or not. DPC brings physician focus more onto the patient and away from non-value added tasks.

As a DPC facility Buffalo Wholesome Medicine physicians are free to work directly with patients. We make customized patient-specific decisions based on standard of care medical practice. Visits are extended at 30 to 60 minutes as needed.

At Buffalo Wholesome Medicine we don’t bill insurance, rather patients are billed directly. Patients pay a monthly membership fee which includes certain in-office procedures, ongoing care and an annual set of certain visit types at no additional cost. Patients receive quality care with transparent upfront pricing. While there are some other visit types and procedures that do carry a charge we aim to keep this at a level that covers only the cost of service and reasonable overhead. There are a variety of in-office procedures which we hope to expand as our practice grows.

To learn more about Buffalo Wholesome Medicine’s DPC facility, pricing, or to take a tour of our facility, contact our office today!