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Clarence Soccer Club

Clarence Soccer Club

PO Box 538
Clarence, NY 14031
phone: 716-741-0280
Contact Name: Doug Curella

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Clarence Soccer Club


The Clarence Soccer Club will be a leading soccer organization in the Northeastern United States dedicated to serving the needs and development of our participants.


The mission of the Clarence Soccer Club is to develop, through a comprehensive program, excellence in both soccer and life skills in an atmosphere that encourages a lifelong love of the sport.


Maintain the highest standards of respect, ethical conduct and sportsmanship—Character.

Uphold a sense of family and community through volunteerism. Fiscal prudence—Stewardship.

Manage the Club through teamwork and open, honest communication.

Education and training.


As a volunteer-driven and led organization, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our programs and facilities to best serve the young soccer players of our town. Become involved today. Contact Executive Director Doug Curella Jr. at djcurella@gmail.com or at 716-432-2580 regarding committees, board of directors, and leadership roles.