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Clarence Family Support Center

Clarence Family Support Center

9625 Main Street
Clarence, NY 14031
phone: 716-407-9244
Contact Name: Evan Vahratian

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The Clarence Family Support Center seeks to develop connectivity and support between Families and Students, Schools, Community members, and Community-based agencies/organizations. The Clarence FSC intends to use the connections and resources among these partners to serve the residents of the Clarence Central School District. Primary Goals of FSC are to enhance the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of our community; notably with our students and families, through preventative activities targeting areas of identified need, school-based interventions for those seeking support and in crisis. We provide referrals and linkages to community services and organizations, continued learning opportunities for community members, families, and youth to improve their awareness of and ability in approaching difficult situations with confidence and empathy. Some of the ways we help our community include assistance if you, your children, or your family need therapy, counseling, and other mental health support; support with basic needs (food, school supplies, clothing, etc.), support with connecting to organizations within the community (public libraries, Clarence Youth Bureau, food banks, other support agencies, etc.). We provide someone to talk to in a safe and confidential space, help and support with developing strategies for coping with stress and other life events/concerns, and connections to local support groups.