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Soul Healing Center

Soul Healing Center

4773 Harris Hill Road
Clarence, NY 14031
phone: 716-281-0475
Contact Name: Lana Shapiro

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Lana Shapiro is a holistic mentor for awakening Starseeds, she is a practicing reiki master, astrologer, and energy worker

 After studying psychology and the human mind, Lana spent the first 16 years of her adult life providing traditional mental health counseling. Feeling the urge to teach people the importance of connecting the mind and body, she enrolled in integrated health and nutrition program, which focused on biodiversity. 

 Starting around 2017, Lana began studying energy work and providing Reiki healing sessions, eventually becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.

 In late 2020, she added Lifepath Astrology and Tarot readings to her holistic life coaching services. In May 2022, Lana opened the doors to the Soul Healing Center, a one-of-a-kind wellness center that offers unique classes and services, with the intention of providing a sacred space for people who are looking for a place where they can heal their mind, body, and soul. 

Soul Healing Center is proud to collaborate with local businesses and entrepreneurs and work together to serve our local community

Additional info about Soul Healing Center can be found on the website: www.shapiroholistichealth.com