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Alto Energy Consulting

Alto Energy Consulting

595 Commerce Drive, Suite 110
Amherst, NY 14051
phone: 716-560-3509
Contact Name: Ed & Amy Rath

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What We Will Do for YOU

Our energy consulting services cover it all - supply, demand efficiency, cost analytics and renewable options. We work with end users of all sizes, who are concerned with containing costs and strategizing for the future


Its our job to listen to your needs and craft a specific program to meet your objectives. This targeted, strategic approach will improve energy procurement and future budget planning. With over 30 years of industry experience, the ALTO team has a proven track record of positive energy solutions.


Energy budgets are a top operating expense for any business. Through coordinated price management, ALTO will protect your bottom line. We know when to mobilize and implement our "Energy Action Plan" for your company. Our strategic industry partnerships also offer facility optimization services to reduce energy consumption through conservation and system upgrades.

Power / Natural Gas

The ALTO expertise is energy supply. Through our due diligence we only recommend suppliers that are reliable, transparent, and proven in our region. With annual energy price changes ranging from 25-50%, it is our mission to identify and deliver the lowest responsible supply partner for your company.

Renewable Energy

Today's energy sustainability is designed to protect the environment. Our green energy partners offer seamless community solar programs without solar equipment investment. By participating, monthly electric bill credits are received for your share of the power produced. Contact us to learn how you can Go Green!