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55 Blossoms

55 Blossoms

phone: 716-289-8458
Contact Name: Anna (Moon) Schwartz

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Moon Schwartz is a freshman honor student at Clarence High School.  Their passion for creativity was a driving force for creating 55 Blossoms, the business they opened at age 10.  The business began small, selling to family and friends.

Moon is currently selling at Sapphire Salon and out of their home, while previously selling at Transit Treasures and Walden Willow. They have successfully used social media to expand their business. They have also participated in Summer Fest, Fall Fest, and the Cheer Competition at Clarence High.

Their long-term aspiration is to help others. They want to pursue a psychology degree with the intention of helping teens with childhood trauma.

Moon was named PTO artist of the Year in 2022 at Clarence Middle School.